Our Culture

Living Our Purpose

inspiring people to flourish through the places we create.

To achieve our purpose of inspiring people to flourish through the places we create, we believe we have to create that same environment at Granite. We want our customers to have the best possible experience working with us, and we want our employees to have the best possible experience providing that service. From corporate parties and community events to spontaneous gatherings, the Granite team is invested in celebrating the successes of our colleagues.

Granite combines the support and opportunity of a large organization with the spirit and energy of a small company. We are thinkers and doers. We are creative, collaborative and motivated people who are passionate about leading with integrity and serving others.


Granite Spotlights

Meet Some of Our Outstanding Team

“We’re here because we’re in the people business. Real estate just happens to be the platform we use to impact people.”

– Michael Dardick

Meet The Leadership Team

Alex Rodriguez


Daniel Bookman


Jonathan Ball


Chuck Stewart


Marion Berry-Jones


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We’ve referred to ourselves as “Graniteers” almost from the beginning. Nobody remembers exactly how this started, but we like it because we feel that it captures our spirit. Much like the Mouseketeers in Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, we’re an energetic, enthusiastic, inspirational and multi-talented bunch of people!

Nora Brown, Property Accountant in Dallas, makes THE BEST banana pudding! Every year she volunteers to bring it to our Thanksgiving potluck lunch. Employees start asking her about it weeks in advance. Everybody knows that if you want to get some, you better go to the dessert line first!

In this age of digital communication, we prefer to send handwritten anniversary cards to our employees. We think the personal touch goes a long way toward showing how much we care for each individual and appreciate their contributions.

Since Granite’s inception in 1991: • 6 people have received the 25 Years of Service Award • 13 people have received the 20 Years of Service Award • 12 people have received the 15 Years of Service Award

We Tweet about our employees’ accomplishments throughout the year. When Graniteers receive promotions, obtain designations and certifications, and earn leadership positions within our industry or with charitable organizations, we want the world to know!

Moments load more

It's not by accident that we have the people that we do.

– Paul Bennett, Senior Director of Investments, Dallas

I was able to use my 40 hours of community service in a way that enriched my life.

– Clint Osteen, Senior Director of Information Technology, Dallas

They challenge you. They’re always like, ‘Be the best you can be. Go to school. Learn. We want you to grow, and we want you to grow with us.’

– Johnny Ferro, Chief Engineer, Houston

From the moment I was hired, I felt that professional growth and professional success was achievable at Granite.

– Jon Worthy, Regional Controller, Dallas

It makes me proud to work for a company that has the same beliefs and values as I do. But at the same time, I think we all owe it to Granite to make sure Granite is proud of us.

– Michele Martin, Property Manager, Dallas

My favorite memory being a Graniteer has been our 25 year anniversary celebration. I am so proud to see our team come so far!

– Geneva Smith, Corporate Marketing Manager

I really appreciated the fact that the company was very transparent about the type of culture it seeks to foster and that it ensured newly hired employees are embraced and fit in.

– Kinsey Hinkson, Senior Property Manager, Atlanta

I’m really excited to work for an organization that values family the way Granite does.

– Craig Scullin, Senior Manager of Business Systems & Infrastructure, Dallas

Granite makes you feel like you’re a person, not a number, and they make you feel welcomed to the family.

– Al Waltz, Chief Engineer, Atlanta

Community Involvement

Serving Our Communities

Our extensive involvement in the communities where we do business is a direct reflection of our purpose, values and promises. We take seriously our civic responsibility to support the communities that help us grow. Through this service, we strengthen relationships and positively impact our friends and neighbors, as well as ourselves.


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