Expertise & Innovation

Staying at the Forefront

From our leadership team to leasing and operations staff, accounting and IT, our professionals are encouraged to expand their knowledge and stay at the forefront of the industry. Every team member is a hands-on contributor to creating environments which help our customers achieve their goals. This dedication to one another and to service enables us to be leaders in our industry and community.

Achieving the Granite Standard of Quality

Our multi-disciplined approach to development encompasses market analysis, site selection and planning, budgeting, building design, engineering and construction management. With extensive experience, proven methodology and commitment to excellence, we ensure each place we create achieves the Granite standard of quality which inspires our customers to do what they do best.

Focusing on Value Creation

With our strong capital position and private ownership, we focus first on creating value in assets, enabling us to achieve strong returns and growth regardless of continuously changing markets. Having developed or acquired more than $3.6 billion in commercial real estate assets, Granite is positioned to continue to grow and strengthen the integrity of our brand.

Providing Exceptional Service

We have established a unique variety of talent and expertise to ensure that our customers receive exceptional service from a single resource—Granite. Throughout our portfolio of properties our marketing and leasing teams work to develop strong relationships with our customers in order to anticipate their needs and deliver on our promise that you can count on us.

Exceeding our Customers' Expectations

Our property operations team is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations and creating a community in all of our properties. Our goal is to provide comprehensive services and an environment that promotes performance and comfort. To that end, we assemble diverse teams of highly qualified property operations professionals that enable our customers to successfully operate their own businesses.